Tammerlin, Page 3
Charlotte Mabrey
Arvid: The typical reasons. Different personalities. One guy thought he was a hard-core punk, two
of them had solid jazz training, and I was doing abstract, experimental electric guitar. It was
interesting for a while but we all moved on.

Bill: Lee, what were you doing during this time?
Lee: I never saw the Great Invisibles. I was in a
whole other world from that scene. I had met Arvid,
but I was busy getting a degree in biology. I was
really into jazz. Then, I went to study percussion
under Charlotte Mabrey at the University of North

Bill: Charlotte is remarkable.

Arvid: She is, indeed.

Bill: At various times I saw you each play as part of
Craig Spirko’s band, Soul Guardians. Did you ever
play with Soul Guardians at the same time?

Arvid: Oh, yeah. A few times. That’s how we met.

Lee: That’s not exactly how we met.

Arvid: Well, sort of.

Bill: You tell me, Lee. How did it happen?

Lee: Shakespeare at the Met. What happened was,
Theatre Jacksonville was doing a Shakespeare series
at Metropolitan Park. Arvid was doing the music for

Arvid: That’s right. I needed a percussionist so I
asked Charlotte Mabrey. She was too busy , so she
recommended one of her students, which was Lee.

Lee: And Craig Spirko was recording the production.
That’s how we all met.

Arvid: Which led to us sitting in with Craig’s band,
Soul Guardians.

Bill: Wasn’t that production of Macbeth directed by
Michael Emerson, the actor who plays Ben Linus in
the TV show

Arvid: Yes, that was Michael. Very nice guy. Very

Bill: I have video footage of Michael directing a
music video for Soul Guardians. You were in that,

Arvid: Yep.
Bill: So you two met each other working with Craig Spirko and
Michael Emerson and William Shakespeare.

Lee: And the rest is history!

Bill: Speaking of history, Arvid, you played on a John Fahey
tribute album.

Arvid: That was a long time ago! Yeah, John Fahey is a stellar
figure in music. He was a pioneer in blues and folk music. This
record company out of Berkley, California, Kicking Mule
Records, wanted several musicians to record songs by Fahey as
a tribute to him, and they sought me out to be a part of it. I
recorded the songs in Gainesville, FL and sent them a tape,
which they used on the album. I’m very proud of those cuts. It
was a joy to do his music.
Michael Emerson (front & center) directs a
rock video for the band Soul Guardians
(Arvid is on the left).
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