Surprise birthday party for Stetson Kennedy at his home, Beluthahatchee, October 2,
2005. The party was organized by Stetson's administrative assistant, Jill Poppel.
Susan Brandenburg is a freelance writer who's
story on Stetson Kennedy appeared in the Oct 14,
2005 issue of
The St. Jonhs Sun
We passed around an anti-war ad that was placed in
the New York Times by the organization Business
Leaders For Sensible Priorities.
William Slaughter, Dept of English, UNF; Norman
Hurst; Katherine Burton Jones, Harvard Divinity
School; Gary Harmon, History Prof, UNF; Mike
Muttillo, 9AM Productions
Stetson with Keith Cartwright, Professor of
African Studies, University of North Florida.
Bill Ectric, Ingrid Greene, and Stetson
"So I punched him in his candy-ass pointed hood!"
(That's not really what he was saying)
Crowded house: Everyone gathers inside while Stetson (in swinging chair) opens his presents.
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