Stetson Kennedy, Page 2
This land that Stetson has named Beluthahatchee is both old and young. Old because the palm fronds and
swamp roots sway back through dark rivers of time to the primordial age. Young because every spring,
new flowers bud and egrets lay eggs in tree-top nests.  I'm not overly religious, but a verse in the New
Testament says, "We do not lose heart, for while the outer man is aging, yet our inner man is being
renewed day by day." Talking to Stetson Kennedy I saw that joy of renewal in his smiling eyes and
disarming grin.

Later that night, after singer/guitarist Lars Din finished his version of Woody Guthrie's song
Pretty Boy
, Stetson remarked, "I haven't heard it played that good since Woody played it!" and those of
us who never had the pleasure to hear Woody in person had to agree that Lars did, indeed, do a
powerfully satisfying job on the classic. This is the song that includes the lines, "Some will rob you
with a six-gun, some will rob you with a pen."

But some men, like Stetson Kennedy, have used the pen and typewriter to enrich our lives.

April 6, 2005

Bill Ectric congratulates
Stetson Kennedy in
Tallahassee, Florida,
where Kennedy was
inducted into the
Florida Artists Hall of
by the State
Division of Cultural

photos by Lou Salome