"Ectric has talent!" - Ray Staar, author of A Matter of State

"For a book described by the author as The Hardy Boys meet William
S. Burroughs,
Tamper is a surprisingly tender book about growing
up on the edge of magic." - Eric D. Lehman, Professor of English,
University of Bridgeport, author of
Bridgeport: Tales From the Park
, Literary Connecticut,  and more

"When Bill Ectric wants to make a story weirder, he just adds events
from his life - a life that is stranger than anything he invents." -
Steve Aylett, author of LINT, Slaughtermatic, and The Complete

"Bill is at his best when writing dialogue. I felt like I was there,
among Whit's small circle of friends."
Frank J. Dello Stritto, author of A Quaint & Curious Volume of
Forgotten Lore: The Mythology & History of Classic Horror Films
Vampire Over London: Bela Lugosi in Britain
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3:AM Magazine review
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If you like secret panels and passages, pulp magazines like Amazing Stories, Fate, and Weird Tales, Aldous
The Doors of Perception, small-town childhood escapades reminiscent of Jean Shepherd's A Christmas
and arcane historical fiction, Tamper is your kind of book.
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"I very much enjoyed reading Tamper, an original mix of Fortean insight into the
paranormal and a coming-of-age novel." - Adrian Dover, Creator of
The Ladder: A Henry James Website
Phil Clement reviews Time Adjusters
"It's a cliché  to say you can't put a book down when it's good, but this is one time it's
absolutely true! Somewhere between The X Files and Catcher in the Rye is
Tamper. And
few writers have as great a grasp on representing place! Read Tamper! You WON'T be
- Dr. Tim Gilmore, author of
This Kind of City: Ghost Stories and Psychological
Landscapes, and The Mad Atlas of Virginia King